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Wellcome to my channel. My channel is for people who like to learn about different activities here in Hawaii. I hope you enjoy my channel. If you do please like and subscribe . Mahalo

The Kalalau Trail is an 11+ mile trek into paradise. A vast array of verdant valleys, waterfalls, sea caves and gorgeous vistas lay ahead of you. To hike the entire trail and also spend time exploring Kalalau Beach and Valley takes 3-5 days.

Waipi’o to Waimanu Valley. This beautiful hike travels from the Waipi'o Overlook down to Waipi’o Beach and then up the other side of the valley on the Muliwai Trail, sometimes called the Z trail due to it's appearance from the beach all the way to Waimanu Valley, one of the most majestic places in Hawaii with some of the highest waterfalls in Hawaii like the Wailikai Fall and many more.

What is the best Hawaiian Island to visit for you? Don't ask your friends, ask a 22 year Hawaii residents who share the sights, scenes, highlights, and who each Hawaiian Island is best for.

Many more Hawaii videos on my channel.
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