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Toby Visuals Wedding Photography Switzterland

About Toby

I was born in a small village in Switzerland, From an early age, travel has been my main passion and the places, colors and cultures that surrounded me motivated me to buy my first camera. From that moment I was able to capture these magical moments and rather than just having them as memories I was able to share them with others.

At the age of 27, I left Switzerland and moved to Japan and then Taiwan, where I remained for several years whilst learning about the culture and how to speak the language.

In 1999, I moved to the Hawaiian Islands where I fell in love with this unique paradise. It was here that I worked as a helicopter pilot for thirteen years.

During these years, I spent more and more time photographing and soon started working professionally first in real estate later as wedding photography. The last few years I had the opportunely photographing hundreds of weddings. My motto for wedding photography is

" Your wedding, your way, Weeding photos that look like you." 


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Toby Visuals

Kirchbannstrasse 10

4703 Kestenholz

Schweiz, Switzterland

Tel: +41 79 248 98 95